Government and public sector

In the public sector, modernisation of the existing IT infrastructure galvanises service provision. 

Transition to the cloud means that not only can we replace and improve existing systems, but even modest institutions can offer innovative services on a limited budget. 

However, the digital platforms that all self-respecting organisations are rolling out right now are really just the beginning. Connected infrastructures are already making citizens’ life much easier. 

Thanks to 5G technology, everything will move faster in the not-too-distant future, and you’ll have an even more secure personalised network at your fingertips. 

SPRB - A centralised system to manage customer requests

Laurent Dewaele, IT Project Manager, IT Coordination Division

“We’ve hit our major goal: offering everyone, in-house users, external users or even the public, better quality service, the certainty of always getting a response in the best timeframe.” 

Digital services that put citizens and end users center stage

What we’re trying to do is design solutions that meet citizens’ and employees’ expectations, guarantee a tangible impact and make progress towards digital relevance.

We turn structures and complex processes into user-friendly applications. Beyond that, we run and simultaneously optimise your applications and your infrastructure projects in an entirely integrated way. 

Digital services that put citizens and end-users front and centre

Application development

Our applications are designed to reduce the administrative load on citizens and companies as much as possible and provide a faster service with better quality. 
At NSI, many developers follow a coherent approach to design and coding rules. We build applications from scratch, although we can also create software inlow-code, or even rework, maintain and develop your existing applications.

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Completely secure hybrid workspaces

Hybrid work is quickly becoming the norm, even for your employees. Do you make the most of this trend to work from home? 
NSI provides the appropriate technology and security required to keep you on the right track and create a digital workplace that boosts productivity, improves user experiences while also reducing complexity and costs. 

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Digital platforms and automation of processes, thanks to robotic solutions (RPA), cognitive chatbots or even collaborative solutions free up the workforce and improve the quality of service being offered. NSI can help to reduce the gap between citizens and public organisations.




Make progress towards smart services thanks to data centralisation

Thinking of going into digital transformation without data? That’s impossible although data alone will get you nowhere. To really focus on data, you should use and interpret it properly. Overviews and insights offer a perspective and help you put the end user first. This helps you make the right decisions. 

Becoming a data-driven organisation leads to: 

  • Social relevance 
  • High quality services for citizens 
  • Lower risks 
  • Lower costs 

Go fast with 5G

It’s obvious that 5G is going to revolutionize life in many ways! 

By installing a private mobile network, an organization can: 

  • be free from any dependency 
  • meet security challenges and 
  • have a personalized network.

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