5G is going to revolutionise life in many ways! Companies will doubtlessly see the most progress.

By installing a private mobile network, a company can free itself from all dependencies, address its security challenges and enjoy a personalised network.


Faults on a public network have a direct impact on commercial processes. With a private network, your connectivity is completely independent of public networks. 


With a private network, you control the network users at all times. Furthermore, all company data is stored in your own network, making this data more secure. 

A personalised network 

By analysing your needs, the capacity and the cover required, we guarantee that the network meets all your requirements. This will help you get the very best out of your company’s 100% personalised network.

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Our 3 fields of choice



A high-performance wireless connection makes it possible to innovate at all levels of an organisation. 

We offer a long-lasting, high-performance customised network. 

Our extensive knowledge of Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G technology, secured private networks and smart solutions makes us the ideal partner for industry 4.0.  


  • Ensure a wireless connection in complex environments with optimum cover, both indoors and outdoors 
  • Optimise the work process thanks to real-time wireless communication and low latency connections 
  • Protect sensitive company data with a 4G or 5G private network or even secure Wi-Fi 

Government & Public Sector


We offer ‘Smart City’ solutions. 

Working with Citymesh, a pioneer in this field, gives us perfect knowledge of this technology and makes us the ideal partner for all smart solutions for towns and villages. 



  • Offer free Wi-Fi in town centres, both indoors and outdoors 
  • Collect qualitative data on the town and its inhabitants thanks to smart sensors 



Experience the best network with a mobile offer specifically developed for the needs of small and large companies. 

With our ‘Connect Mobile’ solutions, your enterprise will be connected everywhere, inside and outside the company network. 



  • Ensure a reliable connection 
  • Provide a fleet-management portal on all mobile devices held by authorised users and real-time information 
  • Pay a fixed monthly amount to use your data pool and the real and accumulated consumption of all your workers 

Why choose NSI

Your work requires a unique solution

At NSI, we never take a unique approach. We adapt our solutions to your strategy. 

We know your sector and we understand your needs

Our experience means we can offer solutions to suit whatever you need. 

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