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Invest in the right solutions to stay ahead of the competition 

Major companies are constantly adapting to the market’s changing conditions. It is essential to build and integrate the right digital solutions to meet your growth goals. 

Why NSI ?

Working towards customer-driven, digital relevance

In close cooperation

Working closely together 

We work hard to forge long-term partnerships. This means more than simply keeping the engine running. NSI works proactively, concentrating on what drives your company. For us, IT is much more than just a service. We want to help you develop and improve your company. We believe in working together, based on empathy and commitment. 

End-to-end offering

End-to-end solution 

We offer a broad range of solutions, particularly software and infrastructure services, development and implementation of applications and subcontracting. This allows us to offer our customers a coherent package featuring solutions which are entirely integrated together. 

Industry Experience

Knowledge of the sector 

NSI is an experienced player that provides expertise in specific industries depending on sector knowledge. Thanks to this vast sector knowledge, we are aware of the trends and requirements. This means we can create solutions which are perfectly suited to your company. As we are so close to the sector, we can guide our customers and help them in their IT strategy to remain digitally relevant. 

Agile Methodology

Proven methodology

Agile principles make your software development life cycle manageable, predictable and transparent. SCRUM and eXtreme Programming (XP) best practices form part of our DNA and made the development process reliable, quantitative and predictable. Our high-level impact analysis and our constant feedback process mean we can get started faster, while remaining flexible and offering optimal time to market. 

Our project management

Consultancy or development projects

Infrastructure projects

Business Solutions projects

Management and monitoring consultancy or development projects

We can offer to run your consultancy or development projects :


These projects most often involve study and production of customised business applications, reworking integration for many components that already exist or have already been developed by NSI to provide a professional result within a short deadline. 

NSI incorporates the best Agile practices into your projects :


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Management of infrastructure projects

Regardless of the product/service on offer, we commit to always work in the same way, following our methodology. 

All infrastructure projects, regardless of their range, are systematically managed based on our methodology for running a project which uses the most tried-and-tested concepts and incorporates the necessary pragmatism to run our missions effectively and rigorously. 

Beyond the operating framework, knowledge and skill, our technical teams offer a solid guarantee of success. 

In this context, the role of project leader, and their presence on the various Steering Committees, is fundamental. Technicians are responsible for the quality of their work, supervised by the project leader. The latter relies heavily on quality monitoring from the steering committee. In parallel, they ensure the monitoring, the progress and the rest to be done with the Division Manager, in charge of all the projects and planned resources. 

All projects are managed in five classic phases / stages as summarised below :


Key moments in managing your project :

Steering committees

The project steering committees are held regularly. A schedule for these committees is drawn up during the kick-off meeting. These meetings bring together the project’s technical stakeholders and they are run by the two project leaders from the customer and from NSI. 

Each meeting’s agenda must at least include project progress analysis, detailed validation of the schedule and a study of on-going issues. 

Technical meetings

Aside from project management meetings, when the need arises, we plan technical meetings that clarify, explain and decide on important technical options; particularly: 

  • Validate the architecture options for all components and the corresponding equipment and software choices 
  • Assess the technical options for the intermediary phase 
  • Present the key points and the details of the job to the steering committee and the infrastructure administrator 

Technical documentation

Technical documentation for installation is provided at the end of the project. This specifically includes the complete technical documentation and the specific technical documents for installation that include a user guide with screen shots if necessary. The constructor’s cutting-edge technical documentation is also made available to the customer.

Business Solutions project management

An ERP project is much more than an IT project. 
In view of its envisaged cover, it must enable analysis of the company’s entire operation and, if need be, lead to envisaging improvements in the existing processes. 

An ERP project is also the chance to share knowledge and improve communication, both in-house (inter-services) and regarding the outside world (customers and suppliers). 

It is therefore essential to apply a rigorous method that is also realistic and suitable for the company. 

Our method

At NSI, we follow the project approach. This makes your software operations manageable, predictable and transparent.


Business processes

Sector-specific business processes are the common thread running through our work and the basis for all documentation. From the interviews right up to support after kick-off. 


Close to the standard

We provide solutions based on standard technology, with minimum customised work. We only personalise to strengthen processes and get a competitive advantage. 



A project is a joint effort, with very transparent communication and pragmatic documentation. We support you throughout the change process involved in implementing it. 



The solution is built systematically with continuous feedback, according to the Sprinting & Waving principle. In this way, the final result always meets the agreed expectations. 

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