Why NSI ?

In close cooperation

Proximity, proactivity and human interaction are at the core of our success

A company’s power depends on the strength of its partner network. Companies with close ties to their customers and suppliers act faster and more effectively. IT has become a valuable tool to initiate and maintain these network relationships.

We believe in agility

By helping our customers to adopt an agile work method, we help them to get results faster.

We focus on your company

We think that using new technology can help your company grow. We go all-out to provide you with tangible commercial value and measurable results.

We support innovation

We firmly believe that innovation is essential to prosper and make progress in today’s world.

Our team is our top priority

It’s our priority to attract and keep the necessary talent to satisfy our customers.

We make our customers’ lives easier

Our solutions aim to alleviate our customers’ concerns regarding use of information technology and how this might affect their companies.

We prioritise long-term partnerships

We target outreach partnerships with our customers, based on a close, lasting relationship. We offer the same model to our commercial partners.

Our major certificates


You don’t have to take our word for it...

Numerous public institutions and private companies in Belgium and Luxembourg have trusted us for many years.
Our IT expertise is certainly not limited to industry. Our customers hail from all over: from SMEs to multi-nationals in the banking or finance sector, without forgetting the regional or federal public sector.
We've been amassing vast experience for over 30 years now ... but you don’t have to take our word for it; look at what some of our current customers say about us by clicking below.

What our customers say about us ...