Artificial Intelligence

How can you get the most out of your organisation’s digital transformation ?

Find out how smart digital automation can improve your daily activities by allowing employees, robots and AI to work together in a seamless environment. 

Our artificial intelligence solutions for companies

While revolving around humans, Artificial Intelligence (AI) expands the capabilities of people and companies. It allows you to become more strategic and more creative. 

AI rethinks the company’s functions

Companies must quickly grasp their content and their key processes, rationalise customer-related business, reduce employee workload, manage compliance and take effective decisions. 

AI Digital Business Solution turns organisations into data-driven digital companies. 

It simplifies and rationalises processes and content with smart automation, artificial intelligence and direct access to crucial company information, wherever it might be. 

Build your digital transformation with AI 

Make operations smarter, from company processes to robotics, including smart automation. 

As an IBM Platinum sales partner, NSI encourages smart digital automation among its customers. Revolving exclusively around business process management, content management, capture, automation of robotic processes and artificial intelligence, 

NSI works with the sector leader to help its customers solve their problems using innovative technology. 


Virtual agent 
Conversational interface 
Customer services 
Conversational e-commerce  
Employee assistance 

Image recognition & classification 

Image identification 
Triggering associated actions 
Text recognition in an image 
Auto-tagging of images 
Classification of texts, emails 
Auto-ordering of documents 



Natural language processing

Extraction of structured info 
Information and reputation monitoring 
Text/Speech transformation 
Speech recognition 
Fraud detection 
Search engines 
Collaborative filtering 
Sentiment analysis 

Machine & deep learning

Predictive maintenance 
Analysis of frauds / anomalies 
Data prediction over time and regarding external settings 
Customised image recognition 
Learn to speak or do

IBM Digital Business Automation

This platform helps you find out about, automate and manage company processes and rules to run large-scale digital transformation properly and quickly. 

This complete technology suite includes IBM Blueworks Live, the IBM Business Automation production flow, the IBM Content Foundation, IBM Operations Decision Manager, IBM Datacap and IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere, and so much more. 



IBM Watson AI

This refers to the suite of Artificial Intelligence services, applications and tools intended for companies. 

Thanks to its vast set of AI and cloud-based cognitive services, companies can boost business value significantly and solve complex business issues. Faster IT, enhanced data and more intelligent algorithms have come together to make IBM Watson AI powerful and practical. 


Premium services provided by certified experts

Find out about the support services for your automation project.

A sales solution that makes it possible to boost productivity and release operational efficacy and coherence for all departments in your company.

Our unique methodologies and our dedicated knowledge, developed over years of experience, accelerate the return on investment for digital automation initiatives, offering customers the necessary agility to withstand continuous innovation.

The NSI approach works from understanding and structuring of the overall commercial issue. We then provide expertise in many disciplines in order to design the right digital automation solution for your company and your strategic objectives. We determine which tools best suit your organisation’s needs, and the type of work. This optimal approach will give your company the most productive results possible.

Thanks to NSI’s experts, the services provide fast, cognitive transformation revolving around the company, thanks to a proven, robust, digital automation platform, capable of changing over time and allowing new elements to be added as needed.

Our AI solution offers the chance to rationalise processes, infusing them with artificial intelligence and predictive perspectives to automate decisions, and effectively organise vast amounts of content, essential for digital innovation.

Functional features

NSI’s Digital Business AI solution provides experts who can implement the ideal automation solution to meet your company’s needs; either overall, or for one-off, specific needs :


Consultancy services


Unique analysis methodology


Workshops & training


Team of implementation experts


AI Integration


Set of pre-defined reports


DBA environment administration


Governance of Administration & Management

Competitive advantage

You can take your productivity to the next level by combining IBM Digital Business Automation with Watson AI and the unbelievable team of certified specialists at NSI. 
NSI expert services are designed with the flexibility you need to stabilise, activate and develop your new initiatives during Digital Business Automation. We can build a bridge between applications, data and today’s cognitive solutions, like no one else. 
NSI Digital Business Solution is the solution for flawless delivery of company digital automation in all your company’s departments, while complying with your daily processes. 

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