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Blockchain technology became known worldwide thanks to the bitcoin bubble in late 2017, and it was immediately acclaimed as having great potential for the finance sector. Risk management, payment operations, international cooperation – there is practically no field where blockchain does not have potential applications. 

Crypto-currency has led a quieter life since then, but the greater security, transparency and enormous time-savings offered by blockchain will bring new wins to the bank and insurance sectors. 

Big data is the second game-changer. Collecting and analysing big data lays the foundations for more personalised, more advantageous services. 

Alongside these two major digitalisation trends, the customer’s approach is also changing. It must now be multi-channel, with personalised self-service dashboards and customised products. 

Cutting-edge companies are currently taking significant measures in favour of cloud computing, to become more effective and also automate their business operations. 

A custom-built solution for the world of insurance

Marc Bouillon, CIO - Fédérale Assurances

“Over time, we have built a stable relationship and NSI has become a highly-appreciated IT partner, also among users.  It is a partner that understands our challenges and our strategy; with a highly pragmatic approach.”  

They put their trust in us

Une solution sur-mesure pour le monde de l'assurance

Marc Bouillon, CIO chez Fédérale Assurances partage son expérience client pour le développement d'applications métiers ainsi que pour de la tierce maintenance applicative. Une collaboration qui a démarré en 2008.

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