Proximity Service

NSI is hard-wired with 6 core values, defined during workshops with employees. This is what ‘Proximity Service’ means to us.

Arnaud Bonnivert


ERP Consultant

“Proximity encourages a win-win relationship with our customers. NSI is hard-wired to work in this way, which undeniably encourages reciprocal trust.”

Eugénio Maira


Project Leader

“One of NSI’s assets, in my opinion, is this mix between professionalism in terms of running projects and a certain flexibility from either side for the good of the projects, balancing proximity and reciprocal trust.”


Charlotte Laroche


Business Account Manager

“Proximity induces trust. We are very accessible and available at NSI. Our customers appreciate it, because they get simple, direct access and a fast response.“

Charlotte Laroche


Business Account Manager

“I see that all NSI’s delivery services are hard-wired this way.
They really seek proximity, partnership and a lot of empathy on the ground.”

Yves Gabriel


Scrum Master

“Systematic application of the AGILE/SCRUM methodology in projects of a certain size encourages proximity.
We see our customers more often, earning their trust so they have no qualms about reaching out to our development teams.”