Company history

Employing over 1,400 workers, the NSI Group is a subsidiary of Cegeka and Noshaq and a 25.02% shareholder. From a geographic point of view, the group covers all of French-speaking Belgium and also works in Luxembourg, where it recently expanded its business and its workforce.

Acknowledged as one of the main IT service players in the Wallonia-Brussels area, NSI owes its success to its teams, and it is fully aware of this, making its strategy revolve around them; what’s more, it is the ‘human’ and ‘outreach’ factors that truly define the company’s DNA.

In Close Cooperation

In close cooperation

A mindset that has always been hard-wired into NSI. To be in close cooperation means working alongside your customer, helping them with advice and action.

Close cooperation sums up the common thread running through our growth history. It is the combination of our values. It is how we have grown with our customers and vice versa, on the basis of trust built up over the years.
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Our values

NSI is a leading company in the technology sector. Our strengths are the keystone of our identity and the basis for our success. Our values are crucial for the continuity of our company and the next generations.


  • 1993
    NSI was set up after a Management Buy-out

    Creating the difference as a supplier of built-in IT solutions


  • 2000 - 2008
    Company buy-back / take-back operations

    Solinfor - Stéria - Sogid - SCI


  • 2009
    Cegeka took a majority share in NSI

    67 % pour Cegeka | 33 % pour Noshaq


  • 2011
    Acquisition of the Multidata company

    Entry on the Luxembourg market


  • 2012
    Acquisition of the Amster Group

    Presence on the Brussels market


  • 2017
    Acquisition of Group Open Belgium
    Purchase of Pixelixir Belgique and Luxembourg
    NSI Luxembourg was set up



  • 2018
    NSI celebrated its 25th anniversary

    160+ new workers strengthened the existing team


  • 2021
    Acquisition of Rime IT


  • 2022
    Acquisition of BuSI