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Belgian integrator providing tools for your team to develop software and work together


NSI supports organisations and companies implementing wide-anging Atlassian solutions to make teams more effective using collaborative task- and project-management tools!

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Atlassian develops well-known solutions, adapted to all kinds of companies (start-up, PME or major companies) and all types of teams (software development, IT, marketing, operations, HR, legal, finance, etc.).

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We regularly work with customers from all sectors, in Belgium and abroad. We share our skills on a daily basis, earning us the honour of being a "Platinum Solution Partner" for Atlassian, enjoying a close working relationship.
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Acknowledged as a top Atlassian partner, we can currently boast a highly qualified team of 18 consultants, 15 of whom are certified. We’re very proud of them!

These certificates were set up by Atlassian a few years ago, creating new standards to define an Atlassian solutions expert.

Being certified implies being able to keep Jira tools working and operational, according to best practices, and prevent poor decisions to avoid impacting performance, availability or even governance.

NSI’s expertise and experience encompasses a very wide range of cases of use, making it a real benchmark in Atlassian solutions in the French-speaking part of the country, both Wallonia and Brussels.


Hosting in the cloud or in the datacenter of your choice

Whether you choose hosting in the Atlassian cloud or elsewhere, both options can be scaled to suit your changing needs. Contact us to find out about the best deployment option for your needs.

Give your team a shared workspace in which to create content, organise it and work together.

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