World leader software in collaboration and project management, Atlassian organised its annual “Team 23” event last April in Las Vegas. 

It’s a real must to find out more about the publisher’s strategy, vision and all their news.

Under the slogan “Impossible alone. Possible together”, Atlassian pushed the boundaries of working together by introducing new functional features and improvements focusing on user experience and therefore benefiting productivity.


Atlassian Intelligence: The power of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has enormous positive repercussions on workflows. With the emergence and fast uptake of LLMs (Large Language Models) and lately ChatGPT, chatbots and other forms of AI, these tools really accelerate productivity. 

Since then, Atlassian Intelligence has released the Atlassian Cloud suites and Confluence. Specifically, that will considerably impact:

  • Automating repetitive tasks: creating tickets, monitoring tasks and sending notifications.
  • Improving productivity: the search for information will become interactive with personalised recommendations.
  • Better decision-making: data and trends will be identified and analysed.

This “new virtual team-mate” will specifically make it easier to browse through all knowledge gathered in Confluence. 

Atlassian Confluence: A new way of collaborating

Confluence helps teams to work together effectively on documents, pages and projects. The suite update will comprise a series of new functional features to boost collaboration:

  • Whiteboards: teams will be able to work together on a digital frame. Turning thoughts into actions is a real step forward for the tool.
  • The database: the teams will be able to create dynamic data tables to organise the information better.
  • External and hybrid collaboration: the Confluence spaces and pages can be shared with persons outside the team. Connected teams can also collaborate in real time, regardless of their location. 

Atlassian Cloud: an improved user experience

The publisher intends to strengthen their platform by adding new functional features to bring teams closer together, particularly:

  • Jira Align: allows teams to define, align and monitor strategic goals.
  • Beacon: helps to detect and process threats in your Cloud products.
  • Atlassian Analytics: provides information on performance, trends and potential problems based on data analysis to make the best decisions.
  • Smartlinks: makes it possible to add content in help pages via Jira or Confluence, and also integrate content from sources outside a page.

Atlassian Team 23 is soundly committed to innovation and continuous improvement with major steps forward. Artificial Intelligence, hybrid collaboration or even user experience are at the heart of the new concepts revealed.

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