Can’t find the software to meet all your needs? NSI considers your business, how you work and your specific needs to agilely develop customised software for you at a controlled cost, meeting your expectations in full. 

FEDERALE Assurance

Let’s meet Marc Bouillon, CIO

Marc Bouillon, CIO at Fédérale Assurance shares his customer experience developing customised applications and in third-party application maintenance. A working relationship that began in 2008. 

“NSI is really perceived as a true partner, highly appreciated not only in the IT department but also by users” 

Why pick customised software for your company ?

There are many reasons for getting into customised software development :

No package will ever meet all your specific needs in full. 


User licences represent a significant cost even though you may not even use many of the multiple functional features provided. 


Your solution is aging, decrepit even, and perhaps no longer qualifies for maintenance which could put you in danger. 

Just as your core business is unique, you’d like a solution that is uniquely yours.

Advantages of customised software


Our team is constantly by your side, through to the end of your project. Thorough analysis of your needs and strict project pacing are the secrets to its success.


A customised solution creates a positive, simple and effective user experience. 


You add extra functional features as your company and your business needs to develop.


Your customised software is a perfect match for your business’s specific needs. 


 Customised software helps you to optimise and automate processes and improve productivity. This is a real time- and money-saver as user licences do not need to be renewed. 


Sticking close to most of our customers’ needs, we track the most widespread technology on the market, often finding an alternative between a commercial solution and an open-source solution. 

The technologies mainly used on our projects are: 

  • Angular 
  • JAVA 
  • .NET 
  • Oracle 
  • SQL 
  • Alfresco 
  • Sharepoint 
  • ArcGIS 
  • FME 
  • OpenLayers 
  • PostGIS 




We usually suggest working with an Agile collaborative method. This iterative method offers the following advantages: 

  • These programmes keep pace with reality thanks to close communication with the business; 
  • Permanent visibility on project progress; 
  • Better command of the quality and reliability of deliverables; 
  • Strict project pacing to meet the deadlines agreed for each deliverable. 

The project is broken down into several iterations. The end of each iteration (or sprint) marks the completion of a module which can be delivered to the customer. The workload is estimated at the start of the iteration and subsequently reviewed when it finishes. 



Why NSI ?

A team dedicated to your project

Reliable and competent professionals with vast experience, capable of taking your project in hand, no matter how simple or complex it might be. 


We provide end-to-end solutions. We have been managing projects for over 25 years and we share this know-how with your teams. 


We are completely invested in knowledge on your business, and we listen to your needs in full to offer you the solution that best matches your problem issue while providing the best competitive advantages. 

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