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The total figure of mobile app downloads is constantly increasing.

Mobile apps are clearly now part of daily life for all firms, regardless of their size and the type of services they are offering. Mobile apps are the best way of keeping your existing customers and finding new ones. Companies must develop an effective mobile strategy that involves much more than a simple user-friendly website for mobile devices, because apps are now offering a whole host of functions.

A project that incorporates a wide range of systems and develops a mobile app, a website and intranet.

La Grand Poste

Interview with Gérôme Vanherf, CEO La Grand Poste and Grégory Van Ass, IT Manager Noshaq and La Grand Poste Project Leader

With NSI, you’ve made the right choice.

As a company that develops mobile apps in French-speaking Belgium, NSI creates intuitive user experiences that defy norms and captivate your users. From the idea right up to the operational launch, we are by your side throughout your project. We control the technology required to complete projects that match your ambitions.

Why a mobile app ?

Developing or commissioning a suitable mobile app adds considerable value to the company’s global marketing strategy, thereby adding to its reputation and encouraging customer loyalty. Mobile apps also play a decisive role in employees’ daily tasks by providing them with a good tool, and the necessary information, knowledge and innovative functional features required to become more effective. Creating superb mobile apps and advanced business apps for customers is a challenge for each organisation, essential to get unbeatable commercial advantages.

Mobile services

NSI offers a comprehensive range of services designed to provide companies with astounding mobile app solutions.

Thanks to our in-house team of architects and designers, we provide a complete mobile app development service, from the first spark of an idea right up to its release. These services include strategic advice, design and development of applications, native or multi-platform, with back-end components and system integration which guarantees a coherent user experience on all digital platforms.

1 - Mobile strategy

Formulate a vision and a strategy and explain how a mobile application can maintain the defined commercial goals.

2 - Development

Designed to offer flexible user interfaces which can encompass wide-ranging platform specifications for a huge variety of peripheries.

  • iOS or Android development
  • IoT integration
  • Web development
  • E-Commerce development

3 - UX / UI Design

We make each application intuitive and easy to use, while integrating the latest technology to create innovative and effective mobile products.

  • Prototype
  • Ergonomic tests
  • Content analysis
  • Graphic charter / Logo
  • iOS / Android mobile design
  • Responsive web design

4 - Quality assurance

We test your application against user requirements and technical requirements to guarantee quality.

5 - Integration services

Connect the mobile applications to the infrastructure, the services and the databases.

6 - Support & Maintenance

From start-up assistance to maintenance, including developing your mobile app, NSI is and remains by your side.

Mobilise your company.

Fulfil your digital potential in a mobile world with...


Digital reinvention in action.

IBM Mobile solutions combine a portfolio of top-notch mobile solutions with cloud, analytical and cognitive technology to help you accelerate your commercial initiatives and stimulate digital innovation.


Mobile applications using Web technology

PhoneGap is a powerful software development framework used to develop extraordinary mobile experiences by using standard-based Web technology to link up Web applications and mobile devices.


Mobile digital papers

Tools from the business world to create multi-platform applications and rich digital content intended for staff and customers and present them on any device. Rationalise your staff’s connectivity and improve your customers’ experience.


Native mobile applications using IOS and Android

eact Native is an excellent library developed by Facebook, making it possible to develop high performance native applications (IOS / Android) using a modern, multi-platform programming language (TypeScript / JavaScript). It combines the best native development elements with React, a top JavaScript library to create user interfaces.

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