At NSI, we facilitate each employee’s development and encourage continuous learning. NSI is hard-wired with 6 core values, defined during workshops with employees.
This is what our colleagues have to say about ‘Respect’.

Fabrice Gabriels


Project Leader

“My Business Unit Manager turned out to meet me.
This in-house respect can be perceived from outside the company.
A person who is happy in their company will also be happy with their customers.”

Michel Selerin


Software Architect

“ We also need to be able to tell the customer when we do not have an immediate answer to their problem and that we are going to do all we can to find one. This honest answer is a form of respect that can reassure the customer. “

Sandrine De Vos


Business Development Manager

“ NSI’s commitment to its customers is also seen in devising comprehensive, high-quality offers. My contacts often mention this quality. It is also a mark of respect towards the customers. “

Aurore Daxhelet


Recruitment Officer

“ During interviews, I always try to listen to the candidates, because listening to workers is the same as listening to your customers. Listening is a true sign of respect for me. “

Véronique Angillis



“Relations are rarely easy with corporate management, but NSI management is accessible and this makes relations much easier, it’s a true culture. Dialogue encourages respect.”