Document Management

In many companies, documents are stored in different places such as on networks, laptops or even flash drives.
From then on, finding a document can sometimes be a real challenge.

Protect your sensitive data, improve productivity among your staff and optimise your processes.

Why ?

There are many benefits …

  • Access to documents and any modifications are recorded and therefore traced.

  • Each document only exists in one unique, and therefore official, copy.

  • The documents can be accessed everywhere, on all types of supports (phone, tablet, etc.)

  • Saves significant searching time

  • Improves quality

  • ...

How ?

By choosing a management solution for your documents that is adapted to your company, your profession, your organisation and your environment.

As each case is different, there is clearly never just one solution — it’s a matter of choosing the right approach.

For the last 20 years, NSI has been modelling its customers’ profession-based flows, customised or standard, and it has selected top notch suppliers.

Our partners


Depending on the scope of your project, your goals, your environment, your organisation and your wishes, we can offer you the most appropriate solution that gives you maximum advantage and the best return on investment.

Why NSI ?

Working closely together

We want to help you develop and improve your company. We believe in working together, based on empathy and commitment. NSI guides you throughout the process: from determining the scope up to service support.

End-to-end solution

NSI proposes a wide-ranging offer ranging from advice to governance, from development to hosting, including security and maintenance. Our solutions are modular, so we can personalise how we serve our customers.


Adoption by users is crucial for a new project’s success. NSI consultants assist your workers in training and integration.

Pragmatic innovation

We combine all the technology available to offer digital relevance in a future-ready working environment. We aim to always make maximum impact on the company. To do that, we must often bridge the gap between industrialisation and innovation.

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