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Looking for packaging that emits a signal when it is in the air? What about RFID labels on products that monitor temperature and humidity? These trends no longer belong to the realm of science fiction. They are part and parcel of today’s distribution sector. 

Repetitive tasks and administration in retail and distribution are now largely accomplished by robotic process automation (RPA). 
The most significant change has been massive migration towards ‘smart’ ERP systems equipped with analytical and predictive capacity, based on AI and automatic learning. 

Big Data is also used in the distribution sector to improve customer centricity. When items are connected by the Internet of Things (IoT), this challenge becomes feasible. This gives us the chance to learn all about the customer to the point of being able to predict their future needs and peaks in demand – and therefore target their work better. 

A real partnership with NSI

Francis Plunus, Managing Director – Trendy Foods

"We have been developing our management solution for many years. Lately, there has been an emphasis on electronic communications with customers and suppliers.” 

Whether it is to improve security, electronic communications with customers and suppliers, or even to entrust all maintenance and support operations to users, we have never stopped developing our experience for over 25 years.

They put their trust in us

Réel partenariat avec NSI

Depuis de nombreuses années nous développons continuellement notre solution de gestion. Dernièrement, l’accent a été mis sur les communications électroniques avec les clients et les fournisseurs

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