Customer Satisfaction

NSI is hard-wired with 6 core values, defined during workshops with employees.
This is what ‘Customer Satisfaction’ means to our colleagues.

Bernard Bernard


Service Support Manager

“ At service support, we know all about each customer’s specific infrastructures and we have the ability to engage and jump quickly from one context to another. The customer must feel that there is a competent team behind their NSI contact. We work hard every day to maintain our customers’ trust and satisfaction. “

Veronica Martello


Business Account Manager

“ For me, customer satisfaction begins with the pre-sales, and continues throughout the listening, reflection and production phases of an offer. We put a lot of effort into this process and it is appreciated. “

Yannick Soldati


ERP Consultant

“ In ERP projects, a satisfied customer actually means several departments (management, finance, production, etc.) must be satisfied, each with their specific expectations. We always look out for this.“