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Masterminding the cloud

Do you want to make better use of all the possibilities offered by the cloud, but you don’t know how? Do you require a conductor for this orchestra to bring all the elements together in a powerful symbiosis?

Working in Wallonia and in Brussels, NSI is your guide to a multi-cloud future. We help you to draft a road map and a strategy to then integrate and optimise any existing complexity. We put you on the right road by offering you an extended range of Cloud services.

Flexible integration

Do you wish to focus on digitalisation?
NSI takes the necessary provisions.
We are not only consultants, but also system builders. Whether this refers to platform development or technical integration, your cloud is our concern, and our team of engineers is at your beck and call; they will procure all the cloud services you need.

Tangible coordination

Without centralised contract management, costs incurred by the cloud could quickly get away from you.
NSI is your sole point of contact for end-to-end governance, cloud management, contract management and service levels, in other words, as clear as your cloud. NSI offers you all the cloud services you might want.

Simple and transparent

Hosted in virtual environments that are isolated from each other, your servers are not affected by updates or repairs on the physical layer.  Among other aspects, the wide range of NSI Cloud services allow this to permanently control the availability of applications for you. NSI will be your only contact to manage your Cloud, thanks to an innovative system that allows us to connect up to your dedicated environment and manage all your machines remotely.

Full steam ahead for the Cloud with NSI



NSI advises you when choosing the Cloud solution that best suits your environment and your objectives; this might involve your whole infrastructure or just some of your application software.



We devise a program with you and a fast, effective non-stop migration schedule for your activities. This is the beginning of the return on your investment.



We make sure that your IT environment works optimally and that it remains profitable, effective, secure and compliant.

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