DevOps Automation

Bring your developers closer to your operational infrastructures teams. ‘Containerisation’ of applications, using container platforms, gives them complete freedom and control to non-stop develop, roll out and make progressive changes to applications.
Regardless of whether this is on site or in the public cloud, the infrastructure is no longer the decisive element.

Software containers

A container groups an application with all the dependencies that it needs to work. The versions that the host operating system is working on, or the infrastructure, no longer influence and do not affect how the software works. So, you can take a container from an environment without having to adapt the software.

Container platforms give your teams a shared platform to develop the software in a more modern, coherent way. Developers can freely choose the underlying tech stack for their applications, while the operations team can roll it out in the same uniform way any time, any place.


It is quite complex to develop, deploy, size or scale, monitor and manage applications on a large scale and in a hybrid cloud environment. Container platforms offer an adapted solution to automate all these processes and coordinate the many containers.

In a nutshell, container platforms automate and optimise your DevOps processes and ‘cloud-native’ application development.

Advantages of DevOps automation

Application portability

You move the containers from one environment to another, risk-free, both on site and on all major public cloud platforms.

Faster time to market/delivery

Thanks to container platforms, applications can be developed, tested, redistributed much faster and permanently updated.

Support for cloud-native applications

Most container platforms offer open APIs and develop native applications and micro-services in the cloud.

Automatic scaling

The container platforms scale themselves. At busy times, the platforms automatically search for extra resources.

Increased efficiency

Your teams can devote more time to developing important applications instead of running and reworking manual processes.

Cost reduction

Container platforms offer a cheaper response to the high maintenance costs and the total cost of ownership (TCO) of traditional infrastructure platforms.

Why NSI ?

One stop shop

NSI combines knowledge amassed on infrastructure and datacenters with its expertise developing agile applications.

End-to-end Solution

We are with you from start to finish. We can design and implement your solution and also cover its management and maintenance.


We work with technological players such as RedHat and public cloud suppliers such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google.


Thanks to our partnerships with major players, we can offer your company comprehensive assistance and guide you through the critical processes.

Proven track record

Backed by over 25 years of experience, we have built up great expertise by running successful projects in companies and organisations of all sizes and working in all sectors.

Service portfolio

NSI has a vast portfolio of services based on SLAs offering 24/7 availability.

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