Connect your company through ERP

ERP solutions help companies of all sizes to address their challenges and grow. These tools are the technological foundations that connect each process, employee and customer. 

By managing your operations with ERP, you avoid partitioning your data, meaning that you can run top-level performance, giving you effective communication and your customer a successful experience. 

By connecting your data, you are relying on a unique database to provide precise information in real time, while meeting your company’s needs. 

We are building tomorrow’s solutions together! 

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Centralised and connected data


Sustainable growth


Simplified operations

ERP solution for any size of company

Improve your business' performances using an ERP system to suit your current and future needs.

If you already work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Odoo, or you envisage doing so, NSI can help you with end-to-end company application services: 

  • Implementation, modernisation 
  • Migration and support 
  • Optimisation. 

ERP for medium-sized and large companies

Adapt to market changes and connect every aspect of your organisation to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

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ERP for medium-sized companies

Move your local and specialised operations to the cloud, automate your processes and connect up your teams to develop your company.

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ERP for small companies

Keep concentrating on your profession and not on using your tool. Odoo gets you started immediately and it develops as you need it to.

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How to pick the best ERP system for your business ?

Picking an ERP system can be an arduous task. In-depth in-house preparation helps you avoid costly mistakes. You must clearly define your goals and needs before starting to assess the systems. 

Why? Each ERP system is set up to suit a company’s needs. Picking an ERP that does not fit your processes, and the direction you envisage for your company, will slow you down and eventually incur extra costs. 

Our teams, mainly certified engineers, have a good command of Microsoft solutions (Business Central and Finance & Operations) and Odoo. They help you choose the most suitable solution by comparing your needs against what these ERP have to offer. 

How can we help you ?

All your ERP needs under the same roof.




Work more closely than ever together. Switch to the ERP of your choice, steeped in AI, brimming with functional features, easy to use and scalable. 

What are the ins and outs of our global offer? We know them like the back of our hand. It will be our pleasure to help you pick the solution that suits you best, regardless of your stage in the design process. 
We seek a solution that works and that gets results, with your team and ours, working side by side. We can work together and build your future-ready solution. 

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