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Implementing the application

Make the best use of all your potential.

Transform your main activities in the cloud to stimulate efficacy, give your employees responsibility and satisfy each customer as a truly connected company.



Key principles for maximum value

Our tried and tested approach reduces risks and helps you to control the schedule, scope and budget. Implementations become manageable, predictable and transparent.

Revolving around profession-based processes

Each business sector brings its own challenges and opportunities All our projects rely on a set of processes and pre-defined best practices, so your sector’s own processes can guide us from the outset.

Standard-driven conduct

We are pragmatic in our concern about the impact on the company: we use standard applications whenever possible, only personalising them if there is a competitive advantage.

Working closely together

To make sure that your software solution meets - and exceeds - your expectations, our experts work in sprints and waves, allowing short feedback cycles for stage-by-stage construction.

Change management

New software requires changes. Our consultants guide your team to help it accept and adapt to new processes and tasks by providing useful advice, work-around solutions and practical training.

Solution assessment

Don’t know where to start ?

We’ll guide you towards the best approach thanks to detailed analysis of the solution.

The aim is to define the scope, road map and optimum budget estimation for your implementation, depending on your commercial goals.
What are your goals, ambitions and challenges? The framework allows us to match you up with the most appropriate solution and lay down a detailed road map for successful implementation.

Whether it is thanks to your custom-built solution, within a Dynamics 365 product or Odoo ERP, we are here to help!



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