User Experience Design

We create added value by offering our customers digital experiences adapted to their needs.

Nowadays, it is impossible to make a significant impact on the market by only offering products and solutions. The challenge is to stay relevant with your customers by creating continuous interaction with your brand and by offering positive experiences on all points of contact and communication channels. .

Our approach

We design solutions that meet your customers’ needs, problems and opportunities.

User Experience Design Approach

Design Thinking

We use a practical approach and examine exactly what your end customers want, considering what is technically and financially feasible. We simplify this process within your organisation, and we work with your employees and most important partners to get a visionary, pragmatic result. 

User-focused design

This is an individual-centred project methodology, examining their motivation, interests, aims and needs. 

User Research

User research studies the behaviour of people by identifying their real needs, both conscious and unconscious.  

Design Thinking

A new state of mind

Design Thinking is a problem-solving method that combines a creative design with an approach strongly revolving around people, their needs and expectations. 

Design Thinking offers a different perspective in which problems and solutions are handled specifically with the designer. 

The designer concentrates on the individual, does not accept opinion-based hypotheses, but always chooses field research, seeking future-ready solutions and testing the proposed solutions. 

Design Thinking can particularly help to solve poorly defined problems. Defining the problem that we want to solve is one of the process stages. A problem will always get the best results when viewed from different points of view. 

User-focused design

Focus on people

With a user-focused approach, you can link people and their stories to underlying data. 

It is important to know why something happens and not only what has happened. 

We design solutions for people with people, by getting an overview of how they see things. 

Each aspect of the design is visualised. This makes even the most abstract aspects tangible. 

User Research

Study behaviour to identify needs

Thanks to User Research, we can find out what people do in a given environment, what their tasks are, their most frequent interactions, the limitations and how they tackle them, what they try... but also, in which context they are encountered, which activities they perform and so on.  
The user experience is designed based on what we know about the users. 
With User Research, it is possible to: 

  • Identify the real needs individuals or customers 
  • Identify the urges, the fears and the obstacles. 
  • Create empathy concerning the users’ working context. 

Design of the user experience

The 3 stages of UX


We concentrate on the individual, as users are involved in all stages of the project (analysis and research, design, prototyping, test and monitoring). 


Iterative design process with successive cycles of refining prototype tests. 

Multidisciplinary teams

The teams are diverse and team members bring a variety of skills. 

E-Commerce user experience

Barrier-free purchasing experience

Would you like to know why users do not finish the purchasing process? Your application is slow and generally they are not satisfied with the performance? 

The solution lies in optimising your e-Commerce user experience. 

The first stage consists of analysing available data to map your users’ goals and contexts. The design phase then begins, during which you try and make the purchasing experience as simple and fast as possible. 

We design an e-commerce user experience with no access barriers and providing a distraction-free user experience. From your application to your website, from social media to e-mails, we design coherent experiences within your company’s digital ecosystem. We get there by rationalising the recording processes, by simplifying product research, by accelerating the purchasing process and by improving the shop experience. 

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