Hyperconverged Infrastructure

What if there was a compact and effective ‘cloudlike’ solution for your on-site infrastructure?

A system that allows you to finally solve the classic on-site infrastructure challenges of fragmentation, multiple management interfaces, extensibility with the guarantee of performance linearity, undermanned IT teams or even short delays going into production?

Working in French-speaking Belgium, NSI offers hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. This type of ‘cloudlike’ architecture originates from the cloud to meet these same challenges which are common to major Cloud Service Providers such as Google, Amazon or Microsoft. This tried-and-tested technology is now available for your on-site infrastructure so you can manage any possible local IT challenges cheaply, effectively and easily.

What is a hyperconverged infrastructure?

HCI for Hyper-converged infrastructure, involves a major simplification of your IT infrastructure. It combines data storage, IT and the network in a single virtual system to simplify data management and considerably improve scalability. Hyperconvergence is ‘all-in-one’ technology that allows you to ensure continuity, disaster recovery, computing, caching and data speed via a unique management interface. All that in a unique system which is simple and easy to use.

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l'hyperconvergence, solution efficace proposée par NSI

Scale up your on-site IT infrastructure

A company’s critical and sensitive data or tasks are often hosted on an on-site infrastructure, meaning that organisations often have to address the complexity of their own data-centers.

A hyperconverged infrastructure offers an effective solution to this problem issue. Aside from increase security and faster speeds, hyperconvergence can bring many improvements in terms of efficacy, integrated management, security and performance. It can all be offered for a fraction of the cost and with a fraction of the complexity of traditional solutions.

Advantages of hyperconverged infrastructures

Lower costs by simplifying your local data-center’s structure

Less bulky

Thanks to the hyperconverged infrastructure’s all-in-one technology, your local data-center requires considerably less storage space.

Fast roll-out of your applications

Accelerate application performance and react faster to fast-changing business needs while guaranteeing performance linearity over time.

Unique management panel

Run your data on a uniform display to keep a clear overview.

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Edge Computing

Faster IoT projects

Do you need real-time data for your Internet of Things (IoT) projects?

With a hyperconverged infrastructure, you can use periphery IT - process data generated by IoT devices faster on site, rather than send them to data-centers or clouds using detours.

SDDC: Software defined data-center

Virtualise your infrastructure and make sure that it is provided ‘as a service’.

A hyperconverged infrastructure creates a virtual data-center. Everything in the system - IT, storage and network - is ‘abstract’ and presented as a software service that allows users to work with the data.

Infrastructure hyperconvergée et centre de données virtuel

Tried-and-tested technology

NSI has strategic partnerships with several reliable suppliers.

Why choose NSI ?

Working closely together

NSI, outreach partner in French-speaking Belgium, guides you throughout the process: from determining the scope right up to customer support.

End-to-end offer

NSI runs and optimises your applications and your infrastructure to make the most impact on your company.


NSI applies a tried and tested method to integrate and transform your existing applications transparently.

Experts in data-centers

NSI has over 30 years of experience in infrastructure solutions throughout French-speaking Belgium.

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