An ERP solution to address the Fruytier Group’s stakes, specialised in sawing resinous wood.

Let’s meet David Fruytier, Managing Director and Ilse Degroote, IT Manager.,

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Secteur : Industry

With bases in Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg, the Frutier Group works in the wood industry from purchasing to operations, right up to delivery of high-quality finished products.

Our range is huge: sawn, dried and planed wood for construction, frames, the packaging industry or for the garden; sawmill by-products, such as sawdust, heating pellets, brochures and bark. 350 million boards are cut each year and packed on 175,000 pallets.

David Fruytier, Managing Director and Ilse Degroote talk to us about this important project and how they work with NSI.

The challenges

The size of the company and the business sector; an ERP for the important issue of sawing resinous wood.

The results

“It is operational, and everyone is happy with it as there is also an underlying increase in productivity.” - David Fruytier
“At NSI, they are specific, and they are on time. They are a true partner.” - Ilse Degroote


  • Microsoft D365 Finance & Operations
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Atlassian Jira Ticketing

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