NSI is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

NSI’s early days were a little out of the ordinary. In fact, the company was set up in 1993, led by 23 people from the Computer Science Corporation (CSC) IT enterprise office in Liège. Thirty years later, we are proud to be a major IT player. 

The group now employees over 1,400 people and works in French-speaking Belgium, Luxembourg and very recently in France.

It’s important to be aware of where we’ve come from, and just as important to look to the future. 

Throughout our history, the commitment to our customers is hard-wired. We always prioritise their satisfaction. They are an integral part of our story and have made us what we are today.

So we’d like to say THANK YOU! 

Many events will be held throughout 2023 and we’ll be sure to invite you along to celebrate this memorable anniversary.
Here is our 30-year logo.